Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories Issue 1 Don’t panic.

Sum of parts

In Issue 1 of Survival Anxiety Comic & Stories, the crows are judgemental, Death is sardonic, and space explorers extraordinaire – Robot and Francis the Sheep – find themselves in the usual trouble. Unique comic art, an assortment of original pandemic-era drawings, and a couple of really short-short stories.

Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories is a funny, strange, and sometimes dark comic art zine. Each issue is a collection of comics, short-short stories, and illustrations focused primarily on how absurd life is absolutely everywhere.


Quality entertainment right here.

  • Coincidental Tea (short-short story)
  • The Great Caw Caw (comic)
  • I am Death (comic)
  • Robot Fixes the Engine (comic)
  • Crows and Climate Change (comic)
  • Death and Agatha McMurray (comic)
  • These Days (comic)
  • The Meaning of Life (comic)
  • It Must Be Tuesday (comic)
  • Death Takes a Break (comic)
  • The Secret to Great Adventure (comic)
  • Magical thinking (comic)
  • Support System (comic)
  • Memo Re: End of World (short-short story)

Details, Yo.

  • A5 (14.8cm x 21cm / 5.83″ x 8.27″)
  • Artsy black & white
  • 24 pages (cover to cover)
  • Printed on 80lb uncoated paper (nice)

Where to buy

Paper and digital available now.

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