Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories Issue 2 KABLOOIE


In issue 2 of Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories, the crows set fire to things, Death is sardonic, and our favourite space faring duo – Robot and Francis the Sheep – find new ways to unwind, and maintain good mental health. Also a 9 page comic wherein the cartoonist works out a few unresolved issues.…

Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories is a funny, strange, and sometimes dark comic art zine. Each issue is a collection of comics, short-short stories, and illustrations focused primarily on how absurd life is absolutely everywhere.


This is the stuff right here.

  • Tough Crowd (comic)
  • Yearly Problems (comic)
  • Spores (short-short story)
  • Stress Distress (comic)
  • Stray Signals (short-short story)
  • Timely (comic)
  • Spa Daze (comic)
  • Pity Party (comic)
  • Congregation (free verse)

Details for the nerds

  • A5 (14.8cm x 21cm / 5.83″ x 8.27″)
  • Full colour art and black & white comics
  • 28 pages (cover to cover)
  • Printed on 80lb uncoated paper (nice)

Where to buy

Paper and digital available now.

Buy paper @ Big Cartel Buy digital @ Gumroad