Robot and Francis escape laser fire from Meteor Mart.
Francis is concerned when Robot installs a smart speaker in their space ship.
Robot creates a totally avoidable situation field, and they are attacked by mutant space piranhas.
Still stuck in the totally avoidable situation field, Robot and Francis are threatened my a new age emoji cult.
Robot's useless purchase gets them out of another totally avoidable situation of aggressive killer eyeballs.
Robot and Francis experience another avoidable situation while angering a grumpy owner of an alien bodega.
Robot and Francis find themselves inside a giant bodega worm, and Francis hatches an escape plan.
Robot and Francis on their space ship, hungry for poutine.


Robot and Francis are stuck in a Totally Avoidable Situation Field!

Robot and Francis are thrust into a pocket universe of situations that could easily have been avoided if only better choices were made. It’s all Robot’s fault, naturally.