Robin can't sleep because of Robot's snoring.
Robin convinces Robot to consult Doc about his snoring.
Doc is curious about Robot's snoring problem.
Doc recommends Robot go to a sleep clinic.
Robin watches Robot pack for the sleep clinic.
Robot arrives at the sleep clinic.
Robot meets Dr. Alice Milly, sleep doctor.
Dr. Milly prepares Robot for the sleep study.
Robot can't sleep during the sleep study.
Robot has a rough night at the sleep study, and is visited by Neil Young! Sort of.
Doc reviews Robot's sleep study data, and uncovers the problem.

Electric sheep

It’s a Robot snore-pocalypse!

In these comic strips, Robot has a snoring problem, and Robin has had enough of it. Doc sends Robot to a sleep clinic to get it sorted out, with unusual results.

Based on a true story.