Robin runs off to Montreal on a UFO tip, leaving Robot with her boring office tasks.
Nanocorp is in serious financial trouble, and the boss thinks Robot is the solution to the problem.
Robot brags to the boss of Nanocorp about his superiority to all humanity and gets offered a promotion.
The boss of Nanocorp proposes Robot replace all 2000 employees at Nanocorp. Robot agrees.
Robin gets laid off from Nanocorp by Robot.
Robin thinks the lay off is a joke. Robot assures her it is not.
Robot needs to escort the recently laid off Robin from Nanocorp.
Robot hands out pink slips to all the employees of Nanocorp.
To make a bad day even worse, Robin's mother is coming for a visit.
Robin evicts Robot as revenge for the lay off.

Me Inc

Comic strips by Ryan Reid who is fired

In these comic strips, Robin follows a lead on a ufo siting that could help get Robot home. Robot’s worst qualities come to the surface when he gets an unethical promotion at work. Robin’s mother gives warning she’s coming for a visit, and Robot gets evicted.