The evil clone Robots move in on Robin and Robot.
The secret agents abort the mission to save Robot.
Robin and Robot fight off the evil clone robots, while Robot reveals the true mission of the Montanopians.
Robin and Robot defeat the evil Robot clones, only to be reminded the entire lab is about to explode.
The secret lab is destroyed, and everyone gets out safely, but not everyone is where they think they should be.

Thin air

Comic strips by Ryan Reid who is a domestic robot

In these comic strips, time is running out for Robin and Robot as the evil Robot clones move in. The secret agents abort the mission, but the evil Robot clones and the imminent self destruct of the Galaxy Bus prevents them from helping Robin and Robot. Luckily everyone gets out alive, but Robot and Robin may have over-shot their emergency teleport. Where did they end up? We may never know.