Drawing, writing, drawing writing

March 2, 2024 | Blog

Digital sketch of a cartoon frog in a space suit holding a laser gun.
Pew! Pew!

Lately I’ve been oscillating between writing a new comic story, experimenting with watercolour, and drawing an adventurous space frog. This is a sketch in Procreate, I’ll ink and colour it later. I’ve taken a break from drawing this frog to work on some title text for it in Affinity Designer.

The comic writing is coming along well, too. It’s not related to this frog, but it’s a fun space story with Robot and Francis the sheep, and some new characters. But it’s taking me a while, so I want to write a single page comic in the mean time just to have something to draw while I finish the big story. This is a thing that happens, where I take on too much and nothing gets finished. Don’t ask about unnamed owl story, it’s first draft is sitting over there begging to also be worked on. I’m surrounded by works in progress.

The good news is I’m more focused on what I’m making than ever before. The bad news is Reddit exists and I have little self control.

So I’m a work in progress, too.

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