Floating astronaut

March 15, 2023 | Blog

Watercolour illustration of an astronaut floating on an alien rock.
Where did I park?

Another little watercolour doodle – this time an astronaut floats on an alien rock presumably above some unseen alien planet, wondering, no doubt, just how did I get here?

Yeah, bub. We’re all asking that question.

Speaking of alien hellscapes, it’s still snowing here. The going consensus is it’s never going to stop, and this is just how life is now. It is kind of amazing walking up the local side streets where the city has removed the crowded snow banks. Left behind are vertical walls of frozen snow taller than me, telling the story of every snow fall, every slight thaw, every frozen day. The strata of winter.

Anyway, we’re all sick of it and it can go away now. I’d rather be stuck on a rock floating above some unseen alien planet.

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