Hero to mail carriers everywhere, no doubt

April 15, 2015 | Blog

In the five years we’ve been here Canada Post has never inspected our mail box, because if they had, we would’ve got this notice that the mailbox post is too tall long before now. It took them five years to inspect it, and we have 10 days to lower it. If that’s not bureaucracy, I don’t know what is. HA.

So I pulled the post out of the ground, cut it down to the required height, no trouble. All good.

Today the mail deliverer left a thank you note in the box. Shortening the post made her workplace less hazardous. I’m going to assume they’ve also hung posters of my face all around Canada Post offices with the words HERO underneath. I probably won’t be able to walk down the streets anymore without being recognized. It’s the cross I bear.

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