Memo from management re: end of world

December 21, 2012 | Blog

First off I’d like to congratulate all of you on yet another fantastic End of the World! The circumflexing of the poles was imaginative, and it really felt like a millennia of burning, hateful torment. Good job, Mayans! On to business. The multiverse rebooted as expected and on time at 12:01 AM, with minimal data loss. Unlike the last End of Days with those nutty fundamentalists. Those guys had no respect for schedules, am I right? Or foliage colour for that matter. And I’m pretty sure one of them stole my coffee cup. One item of note regarding this reboot – if you’ve travelled Route 5 in Argentina during the last few decades you may experience some missing time. That’s considered normal, just forget about it. haha. See you all at the next Apocalypse! Thanks everybody!

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