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July 6, 2021 | Blog

I’ve been working on the website lately, intending to improve the SEO. Ugh. I’ve been trying to improve the load time by optimizing images and code, and organizing the comic art and blog posts better. A secondary effect of this effort is that it’s focusing the website on the important bits, which is honestly just better for everyone concerned.

I use WordPress, and I designed my own basic theme a while ago. It’s dirt simple, no bell, no whistles, but I try to slowly improve it over time. Coding a website to me is like KFC – I really want it until I’m elbow deep in it, then I never want to see it again. Repeat annually.

Anyway, a sudden burst of this website improvement lead me to (finally) design a set of banner illustrations. I had created the Survival Anxiety Comics logo a while ago, but it wasn’t until last week I (finally) incorporated it into a set of banners.

I was going to draw new illustration art for the banner, but that requires time and effort. So I thought a simpler idea would be to reuse existing comic art. I could take close crops of the high resolution versions of the art, then apply a nice colour overlay to force the usually black line art to sit behind the logo. The illustration could become textural.

When I started looking through the Survival Anxiety Comics archive, I had trouble choosing one image. So the internet taught me how to make several images appear randomly when the page loads. And now I have not 1, but 10 banner images! Too many? Shut your mouth.

Here are 5 of them:

Robot and Francis the Sheep floating through space on a rock head.
A storm rages, hurling water and fish through the forest.
A brick wall, with part of a comedy venue poster.
Robot and Francis the Sheep blow up mutant snow zombies with unstable laser weapons.
The city, the suburbs, the country.

If you want to see the rest of the banners, I suggest you peruse the site a bit.

The rotation of unique banner illustrations adds a bit of life to the site. Probably has zero effect on SEO, but definitely improves the visual experience, and that’s not nothing.

New comic on Thursday! See you then!

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