Robot Upgrades

March 5, 2021 | Blog

Time for a Robot retrospective!

In 2003 I took a crack at creating a web comic strip. The result of that effort was The Good Little Robot. It was the adventures of a robot stranded on Earth, struggling to make sense of this planet, and the people who live on it. It was met with a resounding meh from the internet at large. I ended it in 2006. Here is the first strip made using Adobe Illustrator, a couple custom brushes and a drawing tablet of some kind. Could be worse – I mean, that third panel is pretty great.

Bored and creatively stagnant in 2016, I decided comics that hardly anyone reads aren’t going to up and make them selves. So, after experimenting with a couple of crows comics, I dug Robot out of the dustbin. I mean, I like this guy. He’s smart, and free. A bit insensitive and reckless maybe, but we all have flaws. I had moved on to Clip Studio at this point. I don’t really like that app anymore, but the brush engine is really great, if you like that sort of thing.

By 2021, Robot has become exponentially more expressive, adventurous, and weird (but not weird enough). I’m creating with ink and paper now, which is equal parts harder, and more creatively satisfying. Your mileage may vary, you should create with whatever makes you happy.

So that ends Robot Through the Years! Now go make something of your own!

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