Throwback Thursday! Communication Breakdown

June 24, 2021 | Blog

In this comic, Willa and her dog Marnie build a machine to communicate with aliens. It doesn’t go as expected.

It’s Throwback Thursday here at Survival Anxiety! This week, it’s the first full page comic I made in 2015 called Communication Breakdown. Technically, Survival Anxiety didn’t exist then, but Robot is in this comic, so it counts.

In 2015 I was using Clip Studio, probably learning Clip Studio, for any comics or illustrations I was creating. The font is from Blambot. I used it previously for a webcomic attempt called The Good Little Robot, staring Robot and Francis the Sheep, so it was easily at hand when I created this comic. I’m not sure where the colour palette came from. It’s fairly bright, so maybe I cooked it up on the spot. I really like that last panel.

I don’t think I had made much in the way of comics for about 10 years before this one. This comic was made because at the time I was working on a kids picture book called Wrenched, and I needed to flesh out the characters in that story. I read a comic could be an effective and fun way to do that, so I did it, and it was. The characters in the book ended up very different from this. I’ve considered bringing this girl back into Survival Anxiety, but that idea has never evolved beyond a passing thought. Maybe one day.

Read the full size Communication Breakdown comic.

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