Stories with pictures on paper and in pixels. Books and zines are written, illustrated and designed by Ryan.


Willa’s tools are disappearing from her workshop, and it’s making her crazy! She has to solve this strange mystery, so she can get back to inventing really cool things.

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Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories Issue 2 KABLOOIE

In issue 2 of Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories, the crows set fire to things, Death is sardonic, and our favourite space faring duo – Robot and Francis the Sheep – find new ways to unwind, and maintain good mental health. Also a 9 page comic wherein the cartoonist works out a few unresolved issues. Plus! Short-short stories with fewer pictures but more colour. Seems like a fair tradeoff, and a great way to pad the page count between all that original inky black comic art goodness.

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Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories Issue 1 Don’t panic.

In Issue 1 of Survival Anxiety Comic & Stories, the crows are judgemental, Death is sardonic, and space explorers extraordinaire – Robot and Francis the Sheep – find themselves in the usual trouble. Unique comic art, an assortment of original pandemic-era drawings, and a couple of really short-short stories.

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