Illustrations and artwork created for Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories zine, and some that aren’t.

Merry - Santa Propaganda Campaign thumbnail Santa Propaganda Campaign posters
Skiing penguin thumbnail Skiing Penguin postcard
Toad with Mushrooms and Flowers thumbnail Toad with Mushrooms and Flowers
Cat Rocking Headphones thumbnail Cat Rocking Headphones t-shirt
Sour Puss thumbnail Lemon Sour Puss
Birthday invite owl - thumbnail Owl in a Bowler Hat postcard
Llama Postcard Style Birthday Invitation
The Grim Reaper pointing at you saying don't worry, I've got yer back. Don’t Worry, I’ve Got Yer Back t-shirt
Person in a hazmat suit. The future is bright. The Future is Bright t-shirt
Survival Anxiety issue 2 - thumbnail Survival Anxiety #2 cover