The Future is Bright t-shirt

March 20, 2022 | Illustration

The Future is Bright - shirt

Are hazmat suits all the rage in the future?

Yes. Everyone is wearing them. Even the dogs wear them. They are worn outside, and inside, and when sleeping, and when showering. Basically anytime people want to breathe air and not burst into flames from the inside out, they wear one of these fashionable, protective and dare I say handsome suits.

That sounds awful.

It’s not so bad. They come in fun trendy colours. The spring collection this year was a real gas.

I don’t think you can really see the future.

Way to go, Sherlock, I’m no fortune teller. This is my tongue-in-cheek pop art response to all the doom and gloom these days. Threat of nuclear weapons? World war three on the horizon? Apocalypse? Sure, the end of the world is a scary premise, but at least the nuclear fallout will kill us slowly and painfully.

I choose optimism, pesimistically. I’m sure we’ll all be fine. Fine-ish. Finish? Yes, that’s it. We’re finished.

This comic art drawing was illustrated using Procreate on an iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil, with an unhealthy dose of skepticism for the future of all humanity. Type was based on Cooper Black, the go-to typeface for future dystopian hellscapes.

I’m tired of this website. Where else can I go?

Good question. Watch me draw hazmat suit guy in a fun time lapse video on Youtube. There’s music! And movement! And hope for the future!

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