Lemon Sour Puss t-shirt

November 5, 2022 | Illustration

A tart little lemon illustration for those of us who like citrus and shirts

A juicy lemon comes to an untimely end. How sad! But I’ll bet it made a fine drink. Like a lemonade, or something with liquor in it. Maybe some other friendly fruit and berries came to pay their respects. Like some raspberries, or a lime. Yum.

Digital art using Procreate, iPad Pro, and Pencil, for those interested in such things.

Mockup of a tee shirt with a very juicy lemon sliced in half over the words Sour Puss.

Become the billboard you always wanted to be

Wardrobe a little dreary? You’re in luck – Lemon Sour Puss is available on tee shirts at my Etsy shop. Get your Lemon Sour Puss on!