Mark Manson on progress

February 2, 2023 | Blog

“Learning can feel like progress, even when it’s not progress.”

Mark Manson

Mark Manson from this video Why Your Favorite Self-Help Book Sucks.

He’s specifically talking about the self help space, where people frequently use “learning as a replacement for doing”, but I couldn’t help but think about how many times I’ve used “learning” as a replacement for creating. And I use the term “learning” very loosely. Note the sarcastic quotation marks.

Scrolling the internet for hours, telling myself I’m keeping up with the news, or researching some pen, or how to make a living from selling art, or whatever. It’s all terribly important.

I’m rolling my eyes at myself, you can’t see it, but it’s really annoying.

For me it’s not even just learning, it’s doing anything else as a replacement for creating. Like that time last week I decided suddenly it was the most important thing in the world to upload all my comics from 18 years ago to this website instead of working on a new comic. Or the week before that when I decided redesigning this website was the most important thing ever, instead of working on a new comic. Or really anything instead of working on a new comic.

I suppose it’s all a variation of procrastination? I don’t know, I’ll look it up later.

Anyway, back to drawing something, before writing this blog post becomes a replacement for working on a new comic.

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Cartoon cat in a cowboy hat

February 1, 2023 | Blog

A watercolour of a cartoon cat wearing a cowboy hat.
Meow, pardner!

This town’s only big enough for one of us, meow meow

Hazel likes to imagine she’s in the old west. Maybe on a little ranch, farming a few fish, nothing too fancy. Peace and quiet. Working the land. Playing by her own rules.

The prairie winds gently tousling her fur.



January 21, 2023 | Comics

Masquerade - thumbnail

Let’s play dress-up!

In this comic the kids find a peculiar piece of clothing in Grandpa’s attic while playing dress-up. Grandpa offers up a history lesson, but nobody really cares.

Read the comic!


Cat misses the jump

January 15, 2023 | Blog

Cat missed the jump.

Hazel the cat isn’t the spry young thing she used to be. But it’s not her age, or her size that prevents her from accomplishing the great jumps of her youth. It’s just that there comes a time when you’ve made all the jumps, you’ve seen the tops of all the cabinets. And once you’ve conquered all the great heights, what else is there?

Occasionally you’ll catch her, gazing casually toward the top of a closet, or the Billy book case in my office. You see her doing the math, calculating the angles. She could do it if she wanted to, but the excitement is clearly gone. Her interests now pulling her in different, fresher directions.

Like napping – now there is an undiscovered country.


The howling abyss

January 9, 2023 | Blog

A review of my creative output in 2022

As we tumble into the howling abyss that is 2023, it’s time for a little (forced) reflection. It’s what all the cool kids are doing this time of year. So on with it – what did I make last year?

  • 7 illustrations
  • wrote 3 short comics
  • inked 2 short comics (a total of 4 pages)
  • created 28 ink and watercolour postcard sized illustrations
  • inked 2 comic strips

Well, that’s depressing. I need frequent reminding that this is not a full time job, as much as I would like it to be. The quantity of artwork I produce is, in many ways, outside my control. I can make the best of the time I get, by ensuring I have tools and a workspace that is ready to go when I am, but I can’t just not go to work, as much as I kick and scream. And I don’t have a say in when a kid needs me to help with homework, or murder a defenceless spider in the bathroom, or reanimate a decapitated Barbie.

Quality, on the other hand, is something I have complete control over. I have no pressure to hack something together by the end of the day. Johnny Corporate’s got no sway here. And I do think the quality of my art has increased. I pushed my illustration more, created more interesting drawings, and experimented more with colour and texture.

The comics I completed (not posted yet), and even the one I’m working on now, are also my best ever. The quality of writing and drawing is much higher, I’m trying different processes, tools, and compositions.

So I may not have completed as many projects as I would have liked in 2022, but I really like what I created, and what that says for my direction, creatively. Silver linings, I guess.

Onward, into the abyss! Happy new year, and all that.

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Santa Propaganda Campaign posters

December 26, 2022 | Illustration

A satirical look at Christmas and the culture of Santa Claus through a made up propaganda poster campaign

Santa knows everything, so be good, for goodness sake.

Santa poster illustration created in Procreate on an iPad Pro, with the text and alternate background colours added in Affinity Photo.

Merry - Santa Propaganda Campaign

Santa loves you

And keeping with the consumerist holiday spirit, shirts and other crap with Santa on them are available at Merry Christmas!

Skiing penguin postcard

December 13, 2022 | Illustration

Winter fun for everyone, even flightless birds

Penguins love winter sports. And they always dress appropriately for the weather. Just look at this fella – he’s got his toque, his mittens, his snow pants. Ready for adventure on the slopes!

This illustration was designed for a postcard style invitation, but looks just as good on a shirt, sticker, or art print.

An active penguin dressed for skiing.

I love it give me more!

Get this artwork on a t-shirt, sticker, or something else at Redbubble – grey line art version, and full colour version.

King Toad in the Land of the Mushrooms art print

November 16, 2022 | Illustration

King Toad is a mighty and just ruler

A whimsical amphibian, a rare monarch who deserves the respect given to him by his people. But don’t be fooled! While nestled among strange mushrooms, plants and flowers he appears calm and complacent. But he is known across the world as savage when crossed, and an excellent strategist. I’d stay on his good side, and keep your trade routes open.

Art print illustrated using Procreate on iPad Pro.

King Toad in the Land of the Mushrooms - A magical toad is nestled among several strange mushrooms and other plants. Art print mockup version.
King Toad art print mockup. Stylish, yo.

Long live King Toad!

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Art print mockup image by

Cat wearing headphones t-shirt

November 10, 2022 | Illustration

Rock and roll kitty!

Kitten was born to sing. Cats love karaoke, everybody knows that. They sing all day. When you are away making them money for more kibble, and laser toys, they’re wearing your headphones, and listening to all your records. That’s why there’s cat hair in your ears.

Digitally illustrated using Procreate, iPad Pro, and Pencil. Reference photos grabbed haphazardly from the internets.

A cat sings super loud while wearing a pair of unplugged headphones. Tee shirt mockup.
Cat wearing headphones – shirt mockup

Rock the cat-spa

This cat wearing headphones tee is available at my Etsy shop. Rock on!

Lemon Sour Puss t-shirt

November 5, 2022 | Illustration

A tart little lemon illustration for those of us who like citrus and shirts

A juicy lemon comes to an untimely end. How sad! But I’ll bet it made a fine drink. Like a lemonade, or something with liquor in it. Maybe some other friendly fruit and berries came to pay their respects. Like some raspberries, or a lime. Yum.

Digital art using Procreate, iPad Pro, and Pencil, for those interested in such things.

Mockup of a tee shirt with a very juicy lemon sliced in half over the words Sour Puss.

Become the billboard you always wanted to be

Wardrobe a little dreary? You’re in luck – Lemon Sour Puss is available on tee shirts at my Etsy shop. Get your Lemon Sour Puss on!